Skyrc Q200 Ac/Dc Quattro Lipo Battery Balance Charger, Quad X4 Rc

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  • SkyRC Q200 is a Quad-channel charger with 4 independent circuits, which can charge four different kinds of batteries simultaneously. The charger adopts a 480320 color LCD display, and paired channels (A&C or B&D) support power distribution in AC mode. Moreover, users could either connect it to PC or mobile device to further expand their using experience. Firmware upgrade is available via PC software interface.

  • A very unique feature of Q200 is SCAN TO GO (auto charging system). As the range of battery types and capacity becomes more diverse, each battery requires its own dedicated charging process. It's easy to set up the charger incorrectly for a specific type of battery, resulting in damage. The revolutionary SCAN TO GO provides a solution to this problem by allowing the user to assign a QR Code which contains all the relevant data for the battery for charging or discharging.

  • The user can create a unique QR Code by using SkyCharger apps. Print it and paste it on the battery. Using your smart phone and launch SkyCharger app. Since all the essential information is stored in the QR Code. All you need to do is press the Scan button, and the charge or discharge process will start automatically.

  • Q200 supports power distribution in AC mode. For example, Channel B is 79W, then Channel D will be 21W, but total power will remain 100W. Channel A and C works the same way.

  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, DC 11-18V Charge Power: DC Input: CH A/CH B: 100W CH C/CH D: 50W, AC Input: CH A+CH C=100W, CH B+CH D=100W; CH A/CH B: 50-100W, CHC/CH D: 0-50W Discharge Power: 4x10W Charge Current: CH A/CH B: 0.1-10A, CH C/CH D: 0.1-5A Discharge Current: 0.1-2Ax4 Cell Count: 1-6S LiPO, 1-15S NiMH/NiCd, 2-20V PB

Skyrc Q200 Ac/Dc Quattro Lipo Battery Balance Charger, Quad X4 Rc