Orange Mod Works Core: Disruptor/Strongarm Classic System

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  • This kit includes plunger rod, slamfire catch, trigger catch, Strongarm metal trigger, Disruptor metal trigger, Disruptor priming ring, 7kg mainspring, trigger catch, trigger catch spring, o-ring, plunger foam seal, and white lithium grease.

  • When installed, the Strongarm/Disruptor shoots at 85-95 FPS (feet per second).

  • Mod at your own risk! Increasing the spring tension can break or damage stock internal components of your blaster.

  • Blaster not included.

The Core: Strongarm/Disruptor Classic System offers a powertrain upgrade for the Strongarm and Disruptor. Triggers for both blasters are included, as well as T style priming assist for the Disruptor. With the 7kg spring installed, this kit turns your blaster into the perfect weapon for indoor games, and makes it an ideal secondary for HvZ/outdoor games as well.

This kit is similar to our Unleashed Solid Strongarm kit, but has been updated to be fully compatible with the Disruptor. Prior breakage issues surrounding the slam-fire catch mechanism have been addressed, and the catch itself was re-engineered to be nearly indestructible while still allowing for 100% functional slam-fire. Furthermore, the o-ring has also been enlarged to improve your blaster's plunger rod to body seal, and air restrictor removal is not required for use with our ultra-durable POM internals.

WARNING: Some of our products may contain plastic wrapping and small metal parts that could present a choking hazard in young children. Product not intended for children under 8 years of age. Increasing the firing velocity of your blaster can result in injuries if not used with the proper respect. Have fun, but remember to use your blaster responsibly. Neither Orange Mod Works nor Hasbro, Inc. can be held responsible for injuries incurred due to careless blaster use. Orange Mod Works strongly suggests the use of safety glasses during use of your modified blaster.