Ultra Durable &Amp; Custom {5 Inch} Tiny-Size Inflatable Beach Balls For Summer Fun, Made Of Lightweight Flex-Resin Plastic W/ Assorted Expressive Emoticon Emoji Faces Style {Multicolor}

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  • MATERIAL: These Beach Balls are made of NON-TOXIC and eco-neutral FLEX-Resin Plastic. FLEX-Resin Plastic is long-lasting and durable and is GUARANTEED by the manufacturer to last the lifetime of any owner with normal use.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: These Beach Balls are made of non-toxic and eco friendly FLEX-Resin Plastics and are are safe for all environments!

  • THE COLOR: The color on these Beach Balls is fused with the FLEX-Resin Plastic itself and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to not fade over time through normal use.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: These Beach Balls are GUARANTEED for LIFE by the manufacturer and come with a Lifetime Warranty that protects you from any defects that would not occur through normal use of these Beach Balls.

  • INFLATING BEACH BALL TIP: Many beach balls have air valves to prevent air from escaping when the spout is open. Inflating this type of ball is similar to inflating a non-valve ball, except there's no need to plug the spout with your tongue as you inhale. Instead, gently squeeze the base of the spout with your fingers or teeth as you exhale and release your grip while you inhale.

  • Color : Yellow, Black, White, Red, Blue

  • Size : Tiny-Size

HISTORY AND USES FOR BEACH BALLS: A classic beach toy, the inflatable beach ball is believed to have been invented by Jonathon DeLonge in 1938. The original beach balls are thought to have been about the size of a hand. Now the inflatable toys are sold in many different sizes, including unbelievably large sizes that reach over 12 FEET! There is an unlimited number of games such as Beach Ball Boogie, Beach Ball Hockey, Beach Dodge Ball, Volleyball and MUCH MORE! Beach Balls are a cost effective, safe and fun way to entertain kids, teens and adults!