Fur48039 1:48 Furball Aero Design F-35B F-35C Lightning Ii Anthology Joint Strike Fighters Part Two [Waterslide Decal Sheet]

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  • This is a waterslide Decal Sheet.

48-039 F-35 Anthology: Joint Strike Fighters Part Two covers 6 F-35B and 4 F-35Cs in 1/48 scale. Designed for the Kittyhawk kit, this set covers USMC, USN, and Royal Navy aircraft. Again, enough stencils are included to build 2 complete models. The jets covered include: -F-35B 168717 MV-05, VMX-22, Edwards AFB -F-35B 168720 VK-02, VMFA-121, MCAS Yuma -F-35B 168314 ED-18, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB -F-35B 168057 VM-01, VMFAT-501 Commander's Aircraft, Eglin AFB -F-35B 168059 VM-03, VMFAT-501, Eglin AFB -F-35C CF-03 SD-73, VX-23, NAS Patuxent River -F-35C CF-05 SD-75, VX-23, NAS Patuxent River -F-35C 168733 NJ-101, VFA-101, Eglin AFB -F-35C 168736 NJ-103, VFA-101, Eglin AFB