Futaba Fpc8Mf J-Type Servo/Nicd Male Connectors 12

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This Connector Set Includes One Receiver Battery Plug and One Servo Plug with / 'J' type plugs and 3 leads and ends stripped and ready to solder. / / NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MATCHING PAIR! These are 2 male plugs -- one with 2 wires / on it -- for the battery pack -- and one with all 3 wires on it -- the one for / the servo. If you are looking for a male and female pair for servo extension / wires and such, use FUTM3720 and FUTM3730 together, or take an aileron extensio / and cut it in half. / / INCLUDES: One Male connector w/3 wire with red white and black strands / One Male connector w/3 wire with just red and white strands / Two Rubber servo wire grommets. / JAL 5/9/97 / ir/jl